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Washington Sexual Harassment Case - EEOC or WSHRC?

Often the first question when starting a sexual harassment case is "Where do I file?" An important thing to note when first bringing a Washington sexual harassment lawsuit is that there are two agencies in Washington State that handle sexual harassment cases. The first is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) which is a federal administrative agency. The EEOC office in Washington State that handles Washington sexual harassment cases is in Seattle. This office handles sexual harassment claims from all over Washington, including Spokane sexual harassment claims, Yakima sexual harassment claims, Seattle sexual harassment claims, and every other city in Washington. The second agency is the Washington State Human Rights Commission (WSHRC). The WSHRC is a state agency that handles sexual harassment cases.

One common misconception about sexual harassment cases is that they can be filed immediately in court. In fact, a Washignton sexual harassment case must be filed first with either the EEOC or WSHRC. This is an absolutely pre-requisite to filing a sexual harassment case in court. In other words, you cannot file a sexual harassment case in court without first filing with either the EEOC or WSHRC. A sexual harassment charge (also called a sexual harassment complaint or sexual harassment case) must be filed with either agency under Washington sexual harassment law within 300 days of the last incident of sexual harassment.

If you believe that you have been sexually harassed, it's important to immediately speak to an experienced Washington sexual harassment attorney. An experienced Washington state sexual harassment lawyer will determine which agency to file with and will work up your charge. To find out if we can help you with your sexual harassment case, please call us at (888) 320-7936 today, or sign up for a free and confidential sexual harassment consultation.

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