• India Bodien

Washington Farm Workers Say "NO" to Workplace Sexual Harassment

Unfortunately, no employee is completely immune from sexual harassment in the workplace. Worse yet, whole industries may be prone to rampant workplace sexual harassment. Once such industry, as a 2019 article elaborates, is agriculture. The article cites a study that found, after interviewing a pool of female agriculatural workers, that 75% had experienced workplace sexual harassment. In another study cited by the article, in which 41 federal sexual harassment lawsuits against agricultural employers were reviewed, 85% of the sexual harassment lawsuits also involved retaliation for reporting sexual harassment.

The numbers are astonishing: sexual harassment is rampant in the workplace, and, especially in some industries of employment. If you beleive that you have been sexually harassed in the workplace, we recommend reaching out to an experienced sexual harassment attorney today. Sign up for your free sexual harassment consultation, or call India Lin Bodien, Attorney at Law at 888-320-7936 today.

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