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Victoria's Secret Faces Sexual Harassment Lawsuit From Investor

According to an article in Law360, the parent company of Victoria’s Secret, L Brand, is facing a lawsuit from an investor for their “hostile, abusive environment rife with sexual harassment," which the investor has claimed has harmed the reputation of the company.

Although this doesn’t appear to be a case for a sexual harassment attorney specifically, since it is more about how the sexual harassment has affected the brand for investment, it goes to show how important it is for people who face sexual harassment to speak out and for sexual harassment lawyers to do their jobs. Companies have a large financial incentive to not face lawsuits for sexual harassment, since if they settle or lose the case then many times they must pay out financial compensation to the victim and fees for the sexual harassment lawyers.

In the investors complaint, he claims that Edward Razek, the former Chief Marketing Officer, “presided over a troubling culture and even personally [sexually harassed] and [sexually assaulted] women he worked with”. Representatives of Victoria’s Secret and L Brand did not comment on this alleged case of investor harm due to sexual harassment.

Even large corporations like Victoria’s Secret are able to be held liable for sexual harassment, if represented by a good sexual harassment lawyer. Employees facing sexual harassment may be entitled to financial compensation and should seek out a sexual harassment lawyer immediately. Call us today at 888-320-7936 or sign up here for a free and confidential consultation to see if we can help.

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