• India Bodien

Sexual Harassment "Normalized" in Seattle Bikini Baristas Film

Are some industries or jobs more prone to sexual harassment in the workplace than others? One film group has exposed the workplace sexual harassment that Seattle bikini baristas frequently experience on the job. The Youtube Film, Seattle's Bikini Baristas, is available to watch now on Youtube. According to the review, the film didn't start out about sexual harassment in the workplace, but fimmakers soon learned that bikini baristas are subjected to rampant sexual harassment in the workplace. In fact, so much so, that workplace sexual harassment on the job has become "normalized."

Sexual harassment can take many forms - sexual comments, sexual touching, sexual gestures and innuendos, and even sexual assault. If you believe that you have been sexually harassed at work, you should immediately reach out to an experienced sexual harassment attorney. Contact us today at 888-320-7936 today or sign up for a free and confidential sexual harassment consultation.

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