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Sexual Harassment Case Against Washington Naval Shipyard

Following a 10-month inquiry into sexual harassment allegations at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington, the largest employer in Kitsap County, 13 Shipyard employees have been disciplined, and two have been fired. Brandon Hunt, a former employee of Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, called attention to the pervasive sexual harassment at the Shipyard in a Facebook post in September 2019. Hunt alleged that during her employment, a fellow worker at the Shipyard pressed her against a desk and forcibly kissed her. Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and their sexual harassment lawyers conducted more than 150 interviews in response to Hunt’s social media post and the sexual harassment allegations. Hunt’s sexual harassment allegations are just the tip of the iceberg: Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and their sexual harassment lawyers are currently facing five active sexual harassment cases. For confidentiality reasons, it is unknown if there are other sexual harassment cases against the Shipyard pending before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as well. As a result of the Shipyard’s sexual harassment investigation, an anonymous tip line was created for employees to report incidents of sexual harassment. The Shipyard also created a new sexual harassment investigation team. Further, the Shipyard stated additional sexual harassment training would be provided to employees and management.

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