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New York Restuarant Chain Settles Sexual Harassment Charge

Sadly, cases of workplace sexual harassment are not uncommon in the restaurant industry, both in Washington state and across the country. According to a press release on June 12th by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), a manager of the New York restaurant chain GRK Fresh Greek repeatedly engaged in sexual harassment of female employees in the form of physical and verbal sexual harassment. Some of the sexual harassment allegations, according to the lawsuit, include the manager touching women in vulgar and sexual ways, telling women they should lose weight or wear tight clothing, and discussing his or his employee’s sex lives.

The three-year consent decree resolving the suit requires GRK to do more than just provide compensation to the sexually harassed workers. In addition to the $32,000 monetary relief settlement, GRK will not be able to rehire the manager who perpetrated the sexual harassment, they must provide extensive training for two managers to prevent and remedy sexual harassment, train all employees and managers about their updated anti-discrimination policy, and promptly report sexual harassment to the EEOC about its handling of sexual harassment complaints.

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