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Multi-Plaintiff Sexual Harassment Case Against Colorado Chili's Restaurant Settles for $150,000

The food industry is an industry where there are, unfortunately, many instances of workplace sexual harassment. Workplace sexual harassment cases in the restaurant industry are not unique to Washington State, but occur everywhere in the United States. For example, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reports that a Charge involving restuarant employer Chili's, and filed through the administrative agency, was recently resolved for $150,0000.

The EEOC reports that the Charge, which was brought on behalf of 5 female Chili's employees, alleged that female Chili's employees at the Canon City location were subjected to workplace sexual harassment in the form of sexual comments and innuendoes spanning a 2-year period from 2015-2017. Although the female employees complained about the sexual harassment to Chili's management, Chili's management team did nothing to stop the sexual harassment. Ultimately, some of the female sexual harassment victims were forced to resign due to the sexual harassment, and some were retaliated against by Chili's management in the form of a reduction in their work hours.

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