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Lawsuit against Mabton Dairy alleges sexual harassment and retaliation

Unfortunately, one industry that has had many cases of sexual harassment is the dairy industry. Many people in the dairy industry have sought sexual harassment lawyers because of what they faced on the job. One such case in Washington state of alleged sexual harassment was filed this late May. The lawsuit, which was filed in U.S. District Court of Eastern Washington, alleges that a former general manager at Mensonides Dairy in Mabton, Washington “repeatedly sexually harassed and retaliated against the eight plaintiffs.”

The sexual harassment allegations include “directing sexual innuendos at the plaintiffs, sexually caressing them, groping workers and their genitalia, offering bribes for sexual favors, and threatening retaliation, withheld wages and termination for resisting sexual advances.” The sexual harassment attorneys believe that the manager is still employed.

The court papers from the sexual harassment lawyers state that “Mensonides Dairy was aware or should have been aware of the environment of sexual harassment and retaliation, failed to protect the workers and then retaliated against plaintiffs after they filed charges of discrimination with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Alleged retaliation included denying previously routine schedule-change requests, not paying plaintiffs for hours worked and terminating employment based on unwarranted discipline or warnings.”

The vice president of United Farm Workers, Eric Nicholson, released a statement saying “sexual harassment has been a pervasive issue in the dairy industry. This case [of sexual harassment] is not the first and it’s not the last. It’s horrifying what these workers had to endure as part of their employment.” Nicholson also stated that they are seeking systemic change in the dairy industry so that sexual harassment will not continue.

Whether it’s in the dairy industry or anywhere else, sexual harassment in the workplace is never acceptable and if you or somebody you know experiences it, a sexual harassment lawyer should be sought immediately. The law restricts the amount of time you have to file your claim. Call us today at 888-320-7936 or sign up here for a free and confidential consultation to see if we can help.

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