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Class Action sexual harassment lawsuit filed against McDonald's

Around 5,000 women from over 100 US McDonald’s outlets are part of a class action lawsuit alleging “systemic sexual harassment” by McDonald’s.

Ms Fairley and Ms Reddick are the two named plaintiffs, named on behalf of the 5000 women alleging sexual harassment on the job at corporate-run McDonald’s in Florda. The suit alleges that there was "extensive illegal [sexual] harassment that went ignored by management,” particularly at a restaurant near Orlando, Florida. It goes on to say that women experienced “pervasive sexual harassment and a hostile work environment, including groping, sexual assault and sexually-charged comments," at this particular restaurant.

Ms Fairley has claimed that she was sexually harassed by two work colleagues. One sexually harassed her by making sexual comments towards her, such as saying she had a “fat ass” and he would “take [her] on a ride” and that the sexual harassment eventually continued to inappropriate touching. According to Ms Fairley, “McDonald's did not take my complaint [of sexual harassment] seriously.”

No matter how large or small the corporation, sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious crime and individuals that face it may be entitled to compensation. If you have suffered anything like this, or another type of sexual harassment in the workplace, it is important that you get in touch with a sexual harassment attorney as soon as possible. Call us today at 888-320-7936 or sign up here for a free and confidential consultation to see if we can help.

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