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$100 Million Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed Against Oil Company

The oil-field services company Schlumberger is facing a $100 Million sexual harassment lawsuit that was filed by a previous employee. The sexual harassment lawsuit was filed on Tuesday in federal court in Houston by Sara Saidman. According to reporting done by the Houston Chronicle on this sexual harassment case, Saidman alleges in the lawsuit that a male coworker “told others it would be OK for them to break into her bedroom and sexually assault her.” At the time the article was written, Schlumberger officials had evidently not yet been served with the sexual harassment lawsuit. Saidman went on to claim that “the company does not protect women in the field and routinely dismisses sexual harassment claims as “just oil field talk” or “a joke.”

Unfortunately, women that are in a male-dominated field, such as the oil field, appear to face increased rates of sexual harassment. Luckily, Saidman was able to get in contact with a sexual harassment attorney to help her with her claim of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Sexual harassment of any nature in the workplace is unacceptable and a sexual harassment lawyer is able to advocate for you. However, it is important you get in contact with a sexual harassment attorney as soon as you are able, as time can be limited to file your case due to restrictions in the law. Call us today at 888-320-7936 or sign up here for a free and confidential consultation to see if we can help.

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